Microsoft Access To
Cloud Migration

Leverage your existing investments in Microsoft Access to create a more robust and scalable solution, by letting us help you migrate your existing database to the cloud.

Key reasons to migrate Access to the Cloud

High ROI

Migrating your Access database to the cloud allows you to reuse a large portion of your existing application, thus maximizing your existing investments.

Improve Security

Cloud hosted databases can offer enhanced security to Access database files. They also provide a high level of redundancy and around the clock maintenance.

Reduce Costs

Cloud database hosting can be extremely affordable. SQL Azure databases start at less than $5 month with no additional hardware, license or maintenance costs.

Worldwide Connectivity

Once your database is hosted in the Cloud, your Access front end can connect from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connectivity.

Web Applications

With most Access applications, only a small percentage of their functionality needs to be accessible online. Once the database is hosted in the Cloud, any number of external web pages or mobile apps can be created.

Services we offer

Access to Azure

We can migrating your existing database to the SQL Azure and improve the performance with your current Access application. This help minimize the conversion effort and user disruption, while maximizing ROI.

Access to RDS

We also offer migration to Amazon RDS, which offers Cloud hosting solutions for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and the server-less Amazon Aurora option


We can build responsive management reporting dashboards and websites to expose a limited set of data and features, to users without the need of the Access desktop client.

Custom Development

If you have a new requirement for a database application, we can create a hybrid hosted solution in a fraction of the time of traditional web development.

Source Code Control

Let us help protect your Access development investment by managing the source code in a hosted repository. We offer setup and training for one of the premier Access Source Code Control utilities.

Access 911

If you have an Access application that has been abandoned by the developer, or are you being blocked by a difficult problem, we can help get you back up and running.

Office Automation

With the automation of other Office programs, such as Excel and Word, we can help you dynamically build documents that generate a high ROI.

Why Choose Us

Our founder, Kevin Bell, has been working with or on Access for more than a quarter of a century and has helped companies of all sizes efficiently use MIcrosoft Access connected to SQL Server.

Worked with Access professionally since version 1.0

Implementing SQL Server as a backend to Access since version 4.2.1

15+ years running a consulting firm that specialized in custom Access/SQL Server development.

6 years at Microsoft on the Access team, working on the Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 releases

Frequent presenter at Access conferences all over the world

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